In the scope of industrial buildings, the industrial floors come out as the most encumbered constructions. Their primary function is to resist variety of processing load 24 hours a day 7 day a week. This is static load caused by production technologies, shelve-based systems and storage material, especially highly dynamic load caused by intense usage of storage manipulation machinery or other chemical effects characteristic for specific production facilities.

Logistic and manufactory halls are designed with maximum capacity utilization, optimization of distribution systems and short-term stock storage in mind. The customers of these types of industrial floors requires simple and low-cost maintenance, low dustiness or no dustiness at all and lastly a certain aesthetic standard.

In pursuit of overall industrial floor quality standard increase, our company bought Swedish technology for grinded floors from HTC Sweden. This technology allows us to grinded and polished hardened, concrete and synthetic surfaces, by which we can provide our customers with::

  • Smooth and glossy surface without pinholes
  • Low absorptivity
  • Dustiness
  • High mechanical resistance

Realization of grinded and polished concreteor hardener brings advantages also from time-management perspective. As for floors which are composed of concrete with synthetic surface finish, the break between casting and surface finish application the minimum of 28 days of concrete aging needs to be met. Grinding and polished of concrete itself, or hardened concrete is possible after 7 days already. In the end, this means that the customer will obtain fully loadable floor along with its surface finish.

Another particular benefit of this surface finish is that it is simply maintained and easily cleaned. The cleaning cycle is realized with regular cleaning machine which is equipped with catch driver, while the catch driver is tightened to a specials diamond pad. With this cleaning technology, constant floor polished is ensured and thus reduces any chance for the floor to get dirty as well as it eliminates the origination of tire marks from forklifts, that are usually pain in the side of each and every director of logistic or production facility.

Last but not least, we need to mention the ecological aspect of cleaning, as the cleaning machines use only clean water. Overall material expenses for cleaning of such a floor are thus, in comparison with regular cleaning, reduced.

Realization of grinded and polished

Since realization of grinded and polished surface is, as its name says, just the floor finish, it is very important to choose the correct variant of concrete construction which needs to safely withstand static encumbrance. After choosing the right floor construction, the choice of surface finish comes next. Here, based on the properties of the surface finish we have the choice of three alternatives:

  • Concrete surface – final surface composed of only grinded and polished concrete. The final result is open structure of concrete itself also known as terrazzo.
  • Hardened surface – with this alternative, a hardener is applied into the concrete cast which makes for even more resistant surface. The look of such surface is smoother and more uniform.
  • Synthetic surface – these are different types of terrazzo. Onto aged surface of concrete floor construction, a type of synthetic floor is applied. These are primarily preferred in business, where an absolute non-absorptivity and high chemical resistance are required.

As the last step in floor grinding is its sealing with special impregnation chosen based on the base type. This step creates the final gloss of the floor and significantly reduces its absorptivity.

Our company for the duration of its 12-year long history realized more than 4,000,000 m2 of industrial floors. By enriching our machine park with grind technology, we can offer our customers not only another type of new industrial floor but also secure refurbishment of existing hardened floor.

Brúsne stroje HTC2

Published in magazine Stavebné materiály 7/2012

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