Epoxy floors

Surface finishes of concrete structures

Any mechanical, chemical and climatic effects may impair the concrete structures either substantially or even completely and may cause serious problems with their use. Therefore concrete surfaces, in particular concrete floors, as the only stressed structures, must be protected. Various synthetic or cement based surface finishing systems have been developed for the aforementioned purpose. Our company cooperates with renowned world manufacturers guaranteeing top quality of their products in this area.

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During realization of surface finishes we rely on using cutting edge modern technology.

Variants of additional concrete structure surface finishes

We apply various surface finishes on a high-quality prepared sub-floor according to the character of operation and the customer’s requirements:

  • Impregnations
  • Synthetic coats
  • Self levelling screeds – epoxy, polyurethane, cement
  • Aesthetic floors with color silica sand
  • Antistatic, ESD floors
  • Chemically resistant floors
  • Parking floor systems
  • Highly resistant polyuretane food industry floor
  • Grinded and polished floors HTC Superfloor
  • Cement industrial screeds WET TO DRY
  • Special industrial magnesite screeds
  • Fast setting floors (can be loaded mechanically after 2 hours)

The benefit of additional surface finishes for concrete structures is their diversity and the possibility to select each time the right type for different types of operation loads.

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