Concrete floors

Concrete structure of industrial floors

Concrete structures that meet any load – bearing operating conditions.

The basic structural part of industrial floors are concrete structures that must meet any load – bearing operating conditions. Appropriate design of floor’s structure and quality construction of concrete floor structures lays the foundation for further applications of floor systems, be it continuous or follow-up impregnations, finishes, coatings and cast floors.

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During concrete structure realization, we rely on using cutting edge modern technology for storing and processing of concrete compound.

Variants of concrete structures for industrial floors

  • Traditional concrete floor – floor with saw-cut contraction joints.
  • Jointless concrete floor – floor without saw-cut contraction joints with a dimension of dilatation monolith units up to 40×40 m.

Concrete floors are realized with the use of traditional steel or progressive fiber reinforcement.

Variants of continuous surface finishes of concrete floors

  • Concrete bearing slab with vibration-compacted surface.
  • Concrete slab with machine smoothed surface.
  • Concrete slab with surface improved by dry shake hardener – application of powder mixtures with hard aggregates – machine smoothed.
  • Concrete slab with a surface finish using industrial WET TO WET screed – machine smoothed. The surface is smooth and characteristic by increased resistance to abrasion, high mechanical resistances and increased surface level parameters.
  • Cement-concrete road cover with brush-like antiskid surface structure.

Among the benefits of such surface finishes types is economic effectiveness and fast application which is performed along with placing of the surface structure.

betónové konštrukcie priemyselných podláh brúsenie podlahy

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