By the beginning of 2022, Proreco had already completed 10 MILLION SQUARE METERS of industrial floors. Most of them are in industrial and logistics parks. These buildings require the largest areas of quality floors – this is about production and increasingly accurate, demanding, and in a way, more refined logistics. A significant part is realized in CTParks of the company CTP.

Industrial and logistics parks have become part of our existence. And, of course, the existence of economies, both national and global. Without industry and sophisticated logistics, the functioning of economies is basically unthinkable.

Compliance with requirements and options

The creation of each industrial park is the result of the development team, the task of which is to synchronize the requirements of clients and territorial possibilities with regard to the sensitivity and specifics of each area. This process includes:

  • location search,
  • organization of the necessary administration and permits,
  • securing funding,
  • construction design and construction,
  • often also the equipment of premises for the needs of the operation.

The best development companies also provide staff search, operating conditions, as well as ongoing maintenance, necessary improvements, and possible expansion according to client requirements. At the beginning of the process, there are well-formulated needs and requirements, and after the implementation process, at the end of the construction phase, there should be a long-term satisfied client.

One of the top five industrial real estate developers and managers in Europe is CTP, known for its CTParks. Proreco got involved in the implementation process of many of them with its experience and know-how.

On maps of the whole of Europe

CTParks can be found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and the Netherlands. In total, it is 7.1 million m2 of leasable floor space in 9 countries, mostly in Central and Eastern Europe. In Slovakia, CTP currently holds the first position on the market, which was confirmed by the re-award of ASB Developer of the Year in the Industry and Logistics category. Today, there are CTParks in Bratislava, Trnava, Prešov, Košice, Voderady, Žilina and other locations in Slovakia. Proreco has implemented industrial floors in most of them.

A natural part of the construction and operation of parks is the necessary environmental burden. As part of the construction, CTP follows the rules of the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). It is a set of environmental procedures and rules that evaluate the impact of buildings on the environment from the design process through implementation to the long-term operation of newly created buildings. As Proreco is already appearing regularly in the implementation phase of industrial floors for CTP, its precise approach to implementation contributes to these top BREEAM assessments.

From a demanding standard and higher

CTParks are implemented for the specific requirements of specific clients and the success of such parks depends on the tenants and their satisfaction. In this case, quality implementation is one of the main prerequisites.

Many park buildings are built in standard situations and have standard requirements. These are mostly industrial heavy-duty floors, whether static or dynamic. Standard does not in any way reduce requirements here. On the contrary, the demands are high and in the interest of the functionality of the whole, they must be – and are – strictly observed. Such a standard type of floor can be found in CTParks in Bratislava, Voderady, Trnava and Žilina.

Some situations are even more special and the requirements that follow are not traditional. They are often a challenge. One of them is the freezing hall in CTPark in Trnava, where the temperature drops to -25 °C. The design and creation of a thermally insulated floor that exhibits these characteristics was also a new experience for Proreco. The result is a floor that meets the demands of high static and dynamic loads even at extremely low temperatures.

Winners with a lot of valuable experience

Proreco and CTP have traditionally had good and stable cooperation. This is one of the moments of success of both parties involved. It is called a win-win situation, i.e., one in which both partners succeed reasonably. On the one hand, there is a top developer, on the other hand, a top implementer of industrial floors. And we in Proreco are looking forward to furthering cooperation.


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