Concrete flooring and its finishing treatment are not products that you can simply “add to cart” and “pay for” on any e-shop. You must pay close attention to selection and realization of it. After all, trouble-free use should exceed 40 years. The management of the Lanius brewery managed the construction of the new hall themselves. The selection of contractors did not take place at the lowest price – THE QUALITY SPOKE FOR ITSELF. Proreco appreciates that it was able to fully cooperate in the selection and complete realization of the floor for this now-branded craft brewery in Trencin.

In the flooring segment for the food industry, there is a wide selection of products that meet a variety of criteria and requirements. It is similar with beer … In the final choice, it is good to have a partner at hand whose experience and references reach as far as to today’s “retired floors”. And in beer brewing, the quality of the resulting drink is strongly linked to the knowledge of the ancestors. Lanius Brewery perceives all this and, in this spirit, approaches its entire operation.

The right choice

The purpose of the brewery operation is to adapt the floors in such a way to ensure compliance with strict hygienic standards. For the entire food industry, they are listed in the relevant technical standards and legislation, i.e., binding in the laws. Together they stipulate that the floor must be:

  • impermeable and without visible pores on the surface,
  • resistant to highly concentrated disinfectants and bacteria,
  • easy to clean,
  • continuously durable.

Based on standard criteria and specific client preferences, we chose a three-layer cast floor based on polyurethane-cement resin. It is characterized by:

  • high chemical resistance,
  • exceptional resistance to extreme mechanical and thermal loads.

The service life of such floor is declared to be 40 years or more, which confirms the condition of already implemented, equally old concrete floor modifications.

Compared to epoxy floors, polyurethane floors have a slightly lower mechanical resistance, but on the other hand they are more flexible and provide different degrees of anti-slip. They are more expensive, but they offer a unique combination of the above-mentioned features.

Step by step

To ensure a higher compactness of the resin, the concrete slab was blasted from less cohesive parts of the top layer, especially from cement laitance.

Drainage of the realized building is provided by a system of slotted gutters, which had to be temporarily protected, and thus prevented their partial or complete malfunction. A low-viscosity and solvent-free penetration based on highly resistant polyurethane with special fillers was applied to the blasted and cleaned floor. This ensures a reduction in the porosity of the base, minimizes the possibility of air bubbles, regulates the surface absorption, and increases the overall adhesion of the entire surface.

Did you know?

Penetration of the surfaces of concrete floors also helps to evenly colour the final layers that are applied to them.

Slovak unique specimen

The concrete floor prepared in this way was waiting “only” for the application of the main – supporting layer of resin. A layer of matt green polyurethane was applied with a height-adjustable blade set at 4 mm. Silica sand was “sifted” onto the still unsolidified resin to increase durability and ensure anti-slip.

As the third and last (final) layer, a highly resistant, colour-fast potting resin with improved aesthetic properties was used. In addition, the particular type used is stable to solar UV radiation. The topcoat with this quality was used for the first time in Slovakia, so the floor in the craft brewery is really unique. The finished layer presents the floor of several components, each of which plays an important role. The composite meets strict hygienic standards, high demands on operating and thermal loads and its anti-slip attribute helps safety.

To health and longevity

Meeting the deadline, required quality, client’s ideas and attention to detail positively marked the realized modification of the concrete floor in the Lanius brewery in Trencin. We believe that it will help breweries create a pleasant and creative working atmosphere and underline the uniqueness of the place where delicious drinks are created to encourage health – body and mind.


Year of realization: 2020
Place of realization: Trencin
Realized area: 695 m2
Type of floor treatment: three-layer cast floor based on polyurethane-cement resin
Exceptionality: unique finish with UV-stable topcoat

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