The food processing industry governs large scale of specializations and with those related processing requirements of floor properties. We are mostly met with request for increased heat, chemical and mechanical resistance, hygienic cleanliness, and floor longevity, which ensures its long term issueless usage 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year.

Floors in food production

Our goal is to always find the most efficient solution for our customer which would realized in the shortest period of time and cover all of their requirements. Each project is handled individually and we cooperate not only with producers of top notch building materials but also with our existing customer with whom we can verify the floor’s quality. Many of them have passed a long way when searching for an optimal floor solution for their business.

The happier we are, when the floor which we delivered resolved their years long problem. Everyone who works in the food processing industry knows, that performing a maintenance in business with non-stop processing is very demanding task.

Our customer feedback

When we started building our winery 20 years ago, neither us nor the architects or even the construction companies had enough experience for this specific kind of production. We had decided back then for epoxy floor. After a few months of usage, high humidity and presence of tartaric acid and other effects caused localized tears that could become a possible haven for bacteria and mold. Local repairs did not help and thus we have decided to change our floors completely. The realization itself was fast and in the hands of PREROCO very precise.

Today, after 3 years of usage, we do not have single problematic spot. Our sanitation and maintenance has become gradually simpler and cheaper.

Ing. Peter Stanko, member of the executive board VÍNO MRVA & STANKO, a.s.

špeciálna podlaha ucrete

The original cement floors with reinforced anti-skid layer were resistant to abrasion and drops, however not so resistant to chemical load. Gradually, the water-resistant layer got damaged and water leaks started appearing. Based on references from already finished projects we have opted for the company PRORECO. The goal was to build anti-skid, chemically resistant floor which would also remove the leaking issues and its realization would be adjusted towards our 3-shift business in such a way, to minimize the processing layoff. PRORECO, equipped with the necessary technology as well as qualified people and high work morale managed to fully deliver this challenging task.

Peter Letko – Manager CCIaU, TAURIS NITRIA spol. s.r.o.

After refurbishment of cracked floor in our manufactory hall, we looked for anti-skid, easy to clean material, resistant to chemicals and significant mechanical load, with certificate allowing for direct contact with groceries and possibility of usage 24 hours after realization.

This solution had been offered to us by PRORECO and they have secured really fast and smooth realization. The functionality of new floor fully matches our requirements and I can gladly recommend it to business with high chemical, mechanical and thermal load.

Ladislav Jankovich – Technical Manager, ISTERMEAT a.s. – meat production, storage, cooling and freezing of meat

Stray tile joints and cracked ceramic floor had brought us to adjust the floor of our manufactory hall with cast floor. By applying this surface finish directly onto the ceramic basis, the time it took to realize shortened significantly. With this floor solution by PRORECO, we have achieved heightened hygiene as well as aesthetics of the processing area, anti-skid floor in wetter parts as well as the option of simple localized repairs in case of damage or wear of the anti-skid layer.“

Ing. Róbert Obertík – member of the executive board, Banskobystrický pivovar, a.s.

Banskobystrický pivovar

This article was published: 7/2017

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