Every move generates electrostatic charge which sequential discharge is usually not registered. However, there are premises where people manipulate with electronic parts or evaporative chemicals. Existence of electric discharge in such an environment is highly unwanted.

Danger of electric discharge

All active electronic parts and equipment, e.g. microchips, integrated circuits and machines, are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Electrostatic discharge can not only alter or damage attributes of semiconductors, it can completely destroy them. The risk is even higher in premises where evaporative chemicals are manipulated as there is a risk of fire or even an explosion. In such premises and unwanted electric discharge can cause substantial financial losses or even threaten the health of people.

elektrický vodivé povrchové úpravy priemyselných podláh

Since it is not possible to avoid the generation of electrostatic charges, that is why it is necessary to create protected environment in such premises with the help of various precautions, to which conductive floor contributes.

Currently there is wide variety of materials from various producers for building cast conductive floor realized by PRORECO with more than 18 years of experience in this field.

Types of conductive floor

In essence, conductive floors are split into electrostatically conductive (AS) and electrostatically dissipative (ESD). Majority of cast types of conductive industrial floors is composed of penetrating and simultaneously levelling layer of electronically conductive finish and final conductive screed, which is connected to multiple grounding spots of the building’s grounding network. Attributes of these systems are controlled and measured by multiple valid norms, on of which is ICE 61340-5-1 and EN 1081, by which ground diverter resistance, surface resistance or impact resistance parameters are measured and evaluated.

elektrický vodivé povrchové úpravy priemyselných podláh

Adequate choice of industrial finish

When choosing an appropriate type of cast conductive surface finish PRORECO pays attention to secondary technical parameters such as mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance, anti-skid, environment tidiness or more esthetically pleasing request. Among the most common types of businesses are electrotechnical, pharmaceutical and automotive production, chemical storage and processing, laboratories, operation halls, server rooms and more.

Our customer feedback on AS and ESD floors realizations


„The ability of PRORECO Co. to realize, for us as an investor, concrete floor along with installation of epoxy ESD surface finish in accordance with EU norms had allowed us to optimize our construction expenses while pertaining complex guarantee.”

Semecs, s.r.o., Vráble, Ing. Peter Babiak


„Building an ESD environment is a must in our manufactory, which is long-term managed by PRORECO, Co., as a distributor of various cast AS systems and ESD floors. Were it a reconstruction or new floor, we have always received what we have expected and sometimes even more.“

NEWAYS SLOVAKIA, a.s., Nová Dubnica, Ing. Peter Cibulka


This article was published on www.asb.sk 9/2017

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